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Chiltern Technology supplies and installs Intratone, smartphone-operated, access control featuring remote cloud management.

Chiltern Technology has introduced the Intratone intercom and access-control system, which can open a door, gate or barrier on a building or site, using a smartphone or landline telephone. The system can be used in both residential and business applications.

Intratone systems can be used in multi-occupancy applications, such as blocks of flats or gated communities, where more than one user can operate the same intercom to open a door, gate or barrier. Similarly, many Intratone intercoms can be used at a single site, with different access privileges allocated to each intercom.

How does it work?

How does it work?

1. A telephone intercom is installed at a building entrance. A visitor presses the intercom on arrival, which rings a designated smartphone or landline.
2. In residential applications, the home-owner picks up the call, speaking to and viewing the visitor on their phone.
3. The door, gate or barrier can then be opened remotely using a designated button on the phone. In business applications, the recipient might be a receptionist, staff member or “key-holder”.

Total flexibility

Total flexibility

The intercom can be answered from anywhere. A resident or staff member can see who is visiting and allow or deny access, without even being at the site.

The applications are endless, from allowing friends and relations into your home when you are busy or out, to denying access to unwanted visitors at the office.

If there is no answer from the primary number, the call can be forwarded or escalated to a second number. There is also a privacy switch option, to avoid unwanted notifications, such as when absent or out of hours.

Intelligent activation

​The Intratone intercom system can open doors, gates and barriers using the following methods:

  1. Intercom keypad: simply press the call button or type in a code to call staff or residents on their own mobile phone.
  2. Mobile phone: call the Intratone intercom number from a mobile phone pre-registered with the system. Access is granted and the call is dropped before charges apply.
  3. Proximity cards or tokens: these can be allocated to people to avoid having to type in a code.
  4. Radio transmitters: if radio communications are used on a site, the radio transmitters can be allocated to a specific user, who can also operate the Intratone system with it.

Cloud management

The Intratone system is managed remotely by Chiltern Technology. This not only includes managing the mobile phones of staff and residents who can open doors, gates and barriers on an Intratone system, but also includes the allocation of visitors’ mobile phones, proximity cards and radio transmitters.

Cloud management allows the Intratone system to be managed in real time. New users’ phones can be added to the system immediately; lost cards can be removed without fuss; and temporary access can be granted to visitors. A 3-month log of all system activations is kept for audit purposes.

Quick installation

It normally takes Chiltern Technology just a few hours to fit and set up an Intratone intercom system. Most work is at the door, gate or barrier, so there is minimal damage or disruption in the building itself.


Intratone systems tend to save money because no dedicated handset or internal cabling is required. Once fitted, the intercom is updated remotely and in real time from the secure Intratone management system. It is here that the designated smartphone or landline numbers are allocated, along with secondary numbers.

The Intratone keypad

The Intratone keypad

​The Intratone intercom keypad is available in vandal-resistant and standard casing designs.

Call Chiltern Technology on 01296 398851 for more information.

Intratone is a division of Cogelec, intercom and access-control equipment manufacturer.