Chiltern Technology Ltd is skilled at installing any type of CCTV from traditional, cost-effective analogue solutions to complex, event-driven, network IP solutions.

We offer the latest in video management and video analytics to create intelligent CCTV systems. Our network CCTV solutions include:

  • IP CCTV solutions using network video recorders (NVRs)
  • Video management systems operating on distributed IT infrastructures (including NAS storage and servers). These high-end systems are easily scalable and expandable.

Our CCTV systems integrate with other site security and building management systems to create exceptional business development, management and security solutions with total flexibility.


We work closely with our customers to establish exactly what they want their CCTV security systems to achieve. We are able to offer expert advice on the different technologies available and provide estimates and quotes efficiently. We try to visit every site at this stage, so our customers meet us and build a working relationship.

System design

Our expert designers provide detailed system designs to meet our customers’ specifications, taking budget, existing systems and the nature of the site itself into consideration.

Security risk assessment

We provide detailed, security risk assessments, highlighting weak areas of a site and provide recommendations to reduce risk. We also highlight areas where a site is over-protected, usually through duplication and false selling.

Analogue to IP migration

We help our customers migrate from analogue CCTV technology to IP CCTV technology at a pace they can afford and manage. This allows a site to remain operational and staggers new CCTV spend. It also allows a site to start to benefit from the additional functionality IP CCTV can offer. We also highlight which cameras are best left as analogue, where there would be little or no benefit to up-grade.