Why use a VMS?

The VMS solutions we use are amongst the easiest and simplest to manage and deploy. Here are just some of the technical benefits of using a VMS and its implications.

Cost benefit summary:

  • Quick deployment
  • Fewer servers
  • Camera independent
  • No third party software, Analytics and Failover software built-in
  • Predictable IT systems’ requirements

Simple and flexible license model:

  • Licenses can be mixed on one server (not a server per task)
  • Changing and replacing a camera is simple
  • Moving and re-allocating licenses is simple
  • Mobile bridge - One per server for unlimited mobile device access
  • Client views - Unlimited and free

Upgrade flexibility with simple upgrade packs.

Control of upgrade options.

Embedded VMS and analytics features.

No artificial camera quantity limit per server: Over 100 cameras at 25fps / 1080p per server.

Client access is unlimited and license-free.

Client viewing and end user benefits

Dynamic stream switching - automatically streams video for optimum display resolution, including in multi-screen formats

Multi-cast video support saving bandwidth for multi-client deployments

Predictable system requirements with on-line configuration tool provides server, storage and bandwidth specification

Microsoft operating system flexibility using Windows 7 & 8, Server 2008 & 2012 compatibility

Comprehensive fail-over options:

  • Camera redirect - diverting cameras to a second server on primary server failure
  • NAS or SAN storage redirect - diverting cameras to second storage device on primary failure
  • Server redirect - diverting all cameras to a “buddy” fail-over server
  • Server fail-over set-up is with VMS proprietary technology
  • No expensive MS software needed (such as for clustering)