Retail security

Our retail security solutions address all the specific security needs encountered by retailers. These include reducing shrinkage and loss, identifying threats, protecting people, protecting stock, protecting staff and efficient car park management. 

We also offer a range of real-time, IP-based, security solutions to significantly reduce crime and provide detailed business reporting to inform management decisions. Our networked retail solutions provide detailed reports, real time alerts and evidential-level images to tackle crime and improve business operation.

New Era
New Era

POS Systems

Our POS systems detect irregularities that occur at the till. These include:

  • Refunds of the same product by the same operator
  • Multiple use of credit/debit card
  • High-value gift card activation
  • Voids above a predetermined value
  • Refunds above a specific value
  • Transactions where the last item is voided
  • Operator performance
  • Operator identification – does the log in match the operator
  • Bulk purchases
  • Credit card denials

Video Management Solutions (VMS)

Our VMS solutions offer retailers the opportunity to extrapolate detailed, store operation data to inform all aspects of the retail business, from store layout and staffing levels to delivery management and projected sales.

Video analytics technology provides:

  • Motion tracking
  • Object classification
  • People / vehicle counting
  • Alarm zone(s) / restricted areas
  • Left/removed object
  • Loitering
  • Dwell time
  • Auto-PTZ tracking
  • ALPR - automatic license plate recognition