Intruder detection

Chiltern Technology Ltd's intruder detection security service includes a range of effective alerting systems to protect sites from unwanted visitors. Our intruder alarms and intruder lighting systems act as both deterrents and as notification systems.


We assess the intruder risk areas of a site and discuss our clients’ needs to establish exactly what they want from their intruder alarm systems.

System design

We design an intruder system to meet our customers’ needs. This can be a PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detector system detecting perimeter intrusion, lighting systems that flood an area on movement, CCTV systems that start recording on movement or a simple alarm system. We are able to integrate our intruder alarm systems with any other site security system for maximum efficiency. The choice of system depends on the size of the site, the site access points, budget, the level of security required and whether there is manned guarding available.

Security risk assessment

We provide detailed, security risk assessments, highlighting weak areas of a site and provide recommendations to reduce risk. We also highlight areas where a site is over-protected, usually through duplication and false selling.