Chiltern meets gate force testing legislation

07 September 2015

The forces generated by electrically powered gates could cause injury to people or damage to vehicles. 

Chiltern Technology only installs gates which sense people automatically and will stop or reverse to avoid risk of injury, as defined by BS EN 12445:2001. We also provide regular testing to ensure continued compliance.

To provide this service, Chiltern Technology has invested in and provides the following, during installation:

Test equipment to measure closing/opening forces to meet safety standards. The force of the gates should be limited to those in the British/European standards and the gates must reverse if they hit someone or something.

Our gates have sensors that can stop them if someone has been detected. These stop the gates before they reach an obstacle.

We protect any areas around the gates to prevent anyone becoming trapped or crushed while the gate is moving. People could get injured, for example, as the bars of the gates pass the gate post.

Our gates have an emergency release mechanism incase someone gets trapped.

When we have installed gates safely and met all of the relevant safety requirements, we can apply a CE Mark, so people can be confident the job has been done properly. We also keep details of the installation, and of any tests, in a technical file.

Gate force testing legislation.