Chiltern introduce access control managed services

18 November 2016

Chiltern Technology now supplies the Intratone, smartphone-operated, access control system featuring remote cloud management.

The Intratone intercom is used to open a door, gate or barrier on a building by pressing a key on your smartphone or landline telephone. It is suitable for both residential and business applications and can be used for multi-occupancy or multi-gate applications.

It couldn’t be simpler. The telephone intercom is installed at a building entrance. A visitor presses the intercom on arrival, which rings a designated smartphone or landline. The home-owner or staff member picks up the call, speaking to and viewing the visitor on their phone. The door, gate or barrier can then be opened remotely. Intratone doesn’t need a dedicated handset fitted inside a home or property, it uses existing telephones. This makes it easy to install with minimal disruption and damage to internal decor.

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