Chiltern’s new Xanview cloud CCTV system couldn’t be simpler to use.

22 December 2016

Chiltern Technology has introduced Xanview, an ingenious, cloud CCTV solution.

Xanview’s TimeBox NVRs and Cloud Video Management System (VMS) make video surveillance much faster and easier, by using intuitive, smartphone operation.

A Xanview TimeBox is fitted in the home or office. Any ONVIF compatible CCTV camera can be connected to it. The TimeBox manages the recording of the camera’s video and audio streams in the cloud. Once set up, Xanview enables users to view and listen to cameras at a site using their smartphone or PC, via Xanview’s secure website.

For live viewing, camera views are presented as thumbnails and the user simply clicks on the camera they want to see.

When searching for a specific site event, thumbnails of site events are presented as a simple grid, in reverse order of occurrence. Clicking on the relevant image plays back the corresponding video.

To search by time, Xanview presents thumbnail images from recorded cameras in 1 minute intervals and then 5 second intervals, so users can click through to the relevant video very quickly.

Xanview only presents thumbnail images, until the video stream is viewed, so the system is instant and does not use much data.

A Xanview TimeBox system starts at 2 cameras and goes up to 100. The Xanview website provides a user log for the system administrator. The website tracks who has used the system and allocates camera access or site access to users.

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