Do you know if your gate is compliant with legal legislation? Chiltern Technology provide regular maintenance and servicing and will test your gate to ensure compliance.


Regularly testing for your home gate


Ensure you’re compliant with regular testing


Compliance testing for electronic gates

Chiltern Technology only install automatic powered gates that meet BS EN 12445:2001 legislation.

This defines the forces generated by a gate, which may meet a person or an obstacle while in operation. Our gates sense people automatically and will stop or reverse to avoid risk of injury.


To ensure compliance and make sure your gates are in full working order we provide a regular maintenance and testing programme. We can also repair a system that is damaged or requires bringing up to the new safety standards required for automated systems.


When our team install automatic gates, they take the necessary steps to ensure your gate is compliant with the law:


  • We use the correct test equipment to measure closing and opening forces.

  • We ensure that as the gate is opening and closing, the force of the gate is limited to those in the British/European standards. The gates will also reverse if they hit an obstacle.

  • We fit each gate with sensors that cause the gate to stop if an obstacle has been detected.

  • If there are parts of the gates where someone could become trapped while it is moving, we ensure these are protected. For example, we protect the area where a person could be injured or become trapped between the vertical bars of a sliding gate as it moves past the gate post.

  • The automatic systems we install are provided with a manual release mechanism to open them if the power fails.


All of our installations meet the relevant safety requirements and are CE marked on completion so you can be confident the system is correctly installed. We keep details of each installation in a technical file and the client receives an installation and instruction manual.

To get in touch with our team today and have peace of mind that your gate is safe and compliant.

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