Chiltern Technology presents the latest in motion detection technology from leading brands to keep your perimeter safe from unwanted visitors.


High-tech protection for your home


Protect your site from unwanted visitors


Keep your assets safe with motion detection

We use the latest motion detection technology for perimeter protection and intrusion detection. Many of our systems are wireless to minimise disruption during installation. Systems are tailored to site requirements from a domestic property to a large commercial installation.


Motion detectors can be integrated with security lighting systems and video management systems to drive cameras to preset positions.


Passive Infrared detection

PIRs detect movement and are used to protect areas from unauthorised access and will trigger an alarm that can be sent to a smartphone or monitoring centre.



Dual Tec® detectors, Long Range Beam and Microwave detectors

These weatherproof detectors are used to protect a perimeter around a site and can protect areas up to 200 meters. They are designed to detect objects of a certain size to eliminate false alarms i.e animals. These systems are installed as part of an integrated security system.


Video Analytics

Cameras can be installed around a site to detect intruders which can categorise humans and vehicles reducing false alarms. Thermal cameras can detect humans at a distance up to 500 meters.

To find out how to protect your perimeters using motion detection technology, speak to one of our experts today on 01296 398851.

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