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Chiltern launches Compact CT Asset Tracker

The compact CT Asset Tracker is a small, self-contained, battery-operated, asset tracking device.

The CT Asset Tracker’s location can be traced using a user-friendly Smartphone APP or website interface. It is small, waterproof and easy to hide in assets such as vehicles, machinery, motor cycles, trailers or caravans and includes a built-in magnet for attaching to any metal surfaces.

The CT Asset Tracker has a World SIM card inside which provides both GPS (Global Positioning System) and LBS (Location Based Service) data. The tracker remains in a low power, sleep mode, during most of its operation. It ‘wakes up’ at pre-programmed intervals of between 30 minutes and 24 hours in order to transmit its location data, before returning to sleep mode. This method of operation not only extends the CT Asset Tracker’s battery life to around three years, but also makes the tracker almost impossible to detect, even with a scanner.

Key features:

  • Compact, waterproof, battery-operated, asset tracking device.

  • World SIM card with GPS and LBS.

  • Locate using Smartphone APP or website interface.

  • Built-in magnet.

  • 3 year battery life with low-battery warning and battery replacement option.

  • Difficult to detect.

  • Tamper switch sends immediate alert.

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